Bringing Safe and Effective Stem Cell Therapies to the patients

About Us

AOF is an advanced biotechnology company focused on developing innovative proprietary drugs and therapies in regenerative medicine designed to enhance and extend the quality of life of our patients.

Our research and related products in regenerative medicine is centered specifically around human stem cells. We utilize adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells as well as umbilical cord stem cells that are cultured using a totally animal origin free medium.

AOF is in the process of initiating several clinical trial programs in collaboration with medical universities and clinical institutions across Japan and abroad.

In addition we are proceeding with our Clinical Research that is aimed at providing effective advanced therapies to patients. We are working closely with some of the best clinical doctors in this field to enhance our Research and Development. This includes donor selection criteria, pre and post treatment protocol, evaluation system and software, and administration devices.

Our group company is operating a Cell Processing Facility that is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and our contracted clinic has safely performed over 2000 stem cells procedures in compliance with domestic laws.

We are making a substantial investment in a dedicated building in central Tokyo that will be one of Japan’s first fully integrated Regenerative Medicine Complex. The new complex will include upgraded Cell Processing Facilities, a Research & Development center, a Regenerative Medicine Clinic and Medical Support Facilities.

Corporate information

AOF Pte.Ltd.

AOF Co.,Ltd.
2-16-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Japan

AOF North America
Representative office Scottsdale


Stem Cell Manufacturing & Banking/Storage

◆A Cell Processing Center (CPC) accredited by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor of Japan
◆Products currently manufactured utilizing our totally Animal Origin Free medium: Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell and its derivative (Supernatant), Umbilical Cord derived Stem Cell and its derivative (Supernatant)
◆Stem cell banking facility within the CPC

Drug development and Clinical Trials

◆First class Research & Development Center
◆Pipeline of Clinical Trials targeting unmet and rare diseases
◆Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio

Clinical Research and Medical Services

◆Research with outside contracted Clinics and Medical institutions.
◆Creation of protocol and software for each targeted disease
◆Advanced data collection system through OBQI – Outcome- Based Quality Improvement.
◆Data Analysis and implementation of proven therapies.

Cosmetic Products and Devises

◆Proprietary 3300-micron micro-needle pad for advanced medical and cosmetic applications
◆Stem Cell extract derivative (supernatant) to be administered by licensed Doctors
◆Related software applications

Key People

Hideharu (Harry) ENOMOTO

Mr. Enomoto is the founder of the AOF Group. He is the owner of Conscious Partners Corp., a multi-strategy investment firm that owns and operates several companies in various industries in Japan. On his journey to becoming an entrepreneur, he served as a turnaround specialist for several companies in the U.S., Singapore and Japan. His foundation and career pathway leading to international business development was initially established as an executive at Sumitomo Corporation, one of Japan’s leading trading & investment companies. Mr. Enomoto holds a BA in Politics from Gakushuin University and a BA in Geology from University of Hawaii


President & CEO
Mr.SHINOHARA, joined the company in August 2015. From 2009-2015 he served as President and CEO, Representative Director of BERLUTI Japan, owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) . Prior to 2009 Mr. Shinohara worked for L’Oréal in Paris, in charge of the development and marketing of certain skin care products and in Hong Kong to lead the North Asia Travel Retail business. He begun his career at Mitsubishi Corporation, one of Japan top trading and investment firms, where he established licensing opportunities and business with European apparel brands, as well as structured and launched Hollow Fibre Membrane that is used for Wastewater Treatment plants in the US, Korea, China and Europe. He holds a BA of Law from Keio University and a Master of Business Administration in General Management from IMD (Switzerland).

Ichimaro YAMADA

Ph.D., Senior Medical Advisor
Mr.Yamada has served in numerous capacities at Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical over the past 33 years. He was the Project Leader of some projects and lead the Telaprevir approval for Asia including Japan. He is a recognized professional in the design of development strategy and management of non-clinical and clinical studies for getting approval from the authorities. Mr.Yamada holds a Master of Science as well as a Ph.D. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science of Kumamoto University He is on the Editorial board of J. Hepatitis Research and Vice President of Association for Promoting Drug Development.


M.D., Ph.D., Non-executive Board Director
Dr. Okumura joined the Board in March 2016. He is an Emeritus Professor, Immunology Director at the Atopy Research Center at Juntendo University, one of Japan’s top medical universities. He served as the Dean of Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Okumura is a world-recognized expert in Immunology.. He served as the Chairman of the Japan Association for Immunology and was awarded the Baelz prize, the Medical Award of The Japan Medical Association as well as other awards. His work focused on CD86, CD80 and Suppresser T-Cells as well as Natural Killer cells.

John Venners

North America Representative
Mr. Venners has over 35 years of experience in developing and managing private and public companies. He currently serves as CEO of Safe Communications, Inc., internet products/services for kids, after spending most of his career in the energy sector. He began his business career after working at the White House Office of Emergency Preparedness during the 1973-74 national crises. Venners realized early on the importance and benefits of understanding public policy and government initiatives in developing new, early stage companies. He was co-founder of KFx, Inc. which traded on the NYSE. In addition, he teamed up with Sumitomo Corp to introduce new, innovative technologies to the North American market. Venners founded and managed numerous entities involved in international trade. He has been quoted on numerous occasions, including in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and has traveled the world extensively on behalf of his various business ventures


Senior Executive Advisor
Mr. Morinaka currently serves as Senior Executive Advisor of AOF Co., Ltd. Prior to the position in AOF, Mr. Morinaka was the Executive Vice President of Sumitomo Corporation, a leading Japanese Trading and Investment Company. Mr.Morinaka then served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tokyo Narita International Airport Corporation, appointed by Japan’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry and approved by Prime Minister Cabinet. Mr.Morinaka holds a BA of Economics from Keio University in Japan


Legal and Financial Counselor
Mr. Yamazaki has been the legal and financial counselor since the inception of AOF. He has an extensive professional experience in investment, M&A, business restructuring and legal activities in venture and fast growing companies as well as real estate companies having worked for Softbank Corp, The Carlyle Group and Creed Corporation. He has served as outside director for several companies and is currently Partner at Conscious Partners. Mr. Yamazaki holds a BA of Law from the University of Tokyo.